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Our goal is to satisfy our clients and their sweet taste buds. Our cakery provides superior products, being both attractive and yummy! Our regular clients state we are the best, but we never stop developing our recipes. We continue exploring this fascinating sweet world!

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I must confess that I’ve a soft spot for pastries and bakes. When I do wish to indulge in them, however, I’m slightly reluctant when I see the price of these goods, as they can easily be priced at around $5 or $6. Recently, there’s a new bakery in town, On’Lee Artisan Bakery, selling affordable artisanal croissants made by an ex-Ritz Carlton and MBS baker. I knew that I definitely had to go down and see what they have to offer.
On’Lee Artisan Bakery is a relatively new halal-certifed bakery located in Woodlands MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) near exit 7. With its unassuming set-up and minimal decor, the lesser-known spot might be easily dismissed as the stereotypical (often chain) bakery seen in other MRT stations.However, a closer look will reveal its offerings are more reminiscent of cafe-standard baked goods, albeit at far more affordable prices.
位于汤申—东海岸线兀兰站 这一间藏在地铁站里的烘焙小店 看似不起眼,实际上是网友强推必吃的!
Look out for a public piano, donated by Yamaha Music and decorated by Republic Polytechnic students. As part of community pop-ups in the space, an educational showcase and shopping experience aim to bring the concept of zero food waste closer to commuters.
While many Northies in Singapore celebrated the opening of SMRT’s new Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) in April 2022, I celebrated the opening of On’Lee Artisan Bakery, located in Woodlands MRT Station’s new TEL station. I have absolutely no shame in admitting that when it comes to new bakeries, my pastry-loving heart would drop every single commitment I have just to check it out. And so I hopped on the first train down to Woodlands and found On’Lee Artisan Bakery nestled in the freshly constructed station. With wooden shelves and tables adorning the small space, the bakery gave off a slightly rustic yet elegant vibe right from the get-go.
As someone who has a complicated love-hate relationship with carbs, I’m always tempted by the sights and smells of freshly baked goods. If I were to ever make a trip down to On’Lee Artisan Bakery, a hidden gem located in the underground link of Woodlands MRT Station on the Thomson-East Coast Line, I would probably go ham.

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